Mindful Eating: Satisfy your hunger and savor your food

Ditch Diets, Eliminate Cravings, Stop Emotional Eating and Feelings of Deprivation | taught by Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDCES CLT
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Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDCES CLT
Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDCES CLT
CEO of Nutrition and Health Works, LLC

About the instructor

Juanita Weaver-Reiss is a dietitian, a diabetes care and education specialist, and a coach with over 29 years of experience in the field of nutrition and 14 years as a diabetes care and education specialist. She provides practical information to make needed changes.

If you have struggled with any of the following issues: 

  • Emotional eating
  • Have food cravings that seem to win every time
  • Been on numerous diets to try to lose weight
  • Can't stay on a diet because you don't have the willpower

This Mindful/intuitive eating course will help you to increase your understanding of what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and to identify the underlying reasons of why you eat. It will help eliminate cravings, emotional eating, and to eliminate feelings of deprivation.

Focusing on mindful/intuitive eating can help with weight loss. It does not require willpower or even counting calories in order for you to be successful with this approach. Instead, you will change your relationship with food that will end the dieting roller coaster.

You will learn how to change your eating to a more mindful approach that will help you know when you are hungry and to help you choose foods that will provide the needed nourishment for your body.

Mindful/inituitive eating also can increase your enjoyment and pleasure of food as you learn to use your senses as you eat.

The course includes:

  • a mindful eating exercise
  • worksheets on the different topics such as recognizing hunger, using the hunger scale so you will know when to eat
  • Mindful eating quiz
  • Other worksheets will help you identify areas to focus on to become more mindful as you eat

The course includes practical steps to take when dealing with emotional eating and puts you in control of the choices you will make with your foods and with your eating.

What you’ll learn

  • A way to lose weight without dieting
  • How to eliminate food cravings by using mindful eating
  • How to eliminate emotional eating by using mindful eating
  • How to lose weight without feeling deprived

Course Contents

11 Videos
12 PDFs