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You are a private practice dietitian and are struggling to get referrals from physicians. It is not just leaving your packet at the doctor's offices about the fact you are in business and are ready to teach their patients.

Or perhaps you have been "marketing" without the results of more clients and more revenue?

The marketing and referral worksheets are designed to help you identify your focus in marketing and how to build a long lasting relationship with physicians and other providers.

You also need to measure the results from your efforts. What are you doing that is working well? What do you need to change? The toolkit will help you answer these questions so you are focused in your process and see results from your efforts.

Toolkit and worksheets includes the following to identify your focus for marketing and referral efforts and to help keep you on track as you implement your plan:

  • Goal identification sheet
  • Daily weekly planner
  • Marketing planning worksheet to identify your focus areas for marketing such as your email list, social media, and contacts to develop
  • Best practices for referral building guide and worksheets to guide you in how to manage gatekeepers, what type of questions to ask, how to sculpt a script to highlight your differentiating characteristics and skills, and how to "get in the door."
  • Best practices Excel spreedsheet for tracking visits to provider's offices, tracking gatekeepers, and logsheet for highlighting your key strengths/highlights to use in scripts when you visit offices.

Benjamin Franklin said If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

These worksheets and daily planner will help you succeed with your marketing referral plan by:

  1. Planning your goals to generate income
  2. Identifying specific action steps to achieve your goals
  3. Monitoring your progress
  4. Allow you to adjust your tactics as needed to be successful
  5. Monitor and track the provider offices you visit

CEO of Nutrition and Health Works, LLC

Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDCES CLT

Juanita Weaver-Reiss is a dietitian and a coach with 29 years of experience in the field of nutrition. She provides practical "hands on" tools and practical information to make needed changes. 

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