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Stress and Diabetes Powerpoint Presentation Package

This package is designed for you because:

  • It will save you valuable time - Powerpoint presentation, speaker notes, and participant handout already made and included in the package
  • No more scrambling at the last minute to develop a program for a diabetes support group or other meetings with your diabetes patients/clients
  • Is an interactive program designed to engage your participants to learn about stress and the ways to manage it better
  • Is more than just knowledge about stress!
    • Includes goal setting activity to promote patient/client behavior change
  • Powerpoint presentation is colorful and will provide interest and variety in how you present information
  • Presentation is interactive - not just another powerpoint presentation of "just the facts"

What is included in this Package?

  • Fully developed powerpoint presentation with animations built in
  • The presentation is modifiable
  • Includes three participant handouts
    • A participant worksheet to score stress level
    • Website list of resources for stress management
    • A participant handout for identifying new information and goal setting
  • Includes speaker's talking points that correspond to the slides

Owner of Nutrition and Health Works, LLC

Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDE CLT

I created the Over the moon website and wanted to combine the blogs for professionals with education materials and other ideas designed to exceed your expectations in the quality of the products and ideas to help with the education of patients/clients and also for professionals - nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, and physicians.Juanita has worked in nutrition since 1988. She is content creator of education materials for patients/clients and for your own professional development. These are designed to not only provide knowledge and information, but also to motivate, engage, and inspire behavior change.

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    • Stress and Diabetes Powerpoint Presentation Package

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